Outsourcing software development: What are the benefits?

Outsourcing software development in a global market has many potential benefits. Outsourcing software development allows organizations to adopt technical partners with specialized expertise. This can enable an organization to focus on core functions without the need to maintain additional skill sets in-house, when they are only needed for certain timeframes or projects.

IP risks in offshore outsourcing: 3 tips for protecting your IP when collaborating offshore

IP protection service

Offshore collaboration means that your IP is passing through the hands of people you don’t know, through networks you don’t control. And because your IP can account for as much as 80% of your business value, an IP breach can be financially devastating to your business.

Implementing Agile Today


The benefits of agile are widely known, but may be difficult to implement—at least at first. When developers are switching over to Agile methodology, the first question they may be asking is: How can I work Agile into my daily tasks?

This question may come in tandem with the following issues for developers who ask it:

Gartner Cool Vendors List

Shinetech developer

Gartner finds Shinetech’s innovation pretty cool.

Gartner analysts report that Shinetech’s outsourcing and systems integration services are pretty intriguing and highly beneficial to the customers they serve, which is why they included Shinetech on its list of 2012 Cool Vendors in China.