How Offshore Testing Centers Improve QA & Testing

Offshore testing centers (OTCs) provide clients with quality assurance (QA) and testing teams to improve and ensure software quality, operations and usability. As the global IT outsourcing market flourishes, many companies are taking advantage of offshore OTCs to support their in-house development teams, improve QA and testing, and save time, money and resources.

Mobile App Development: How Shinetech Has Adapted for the Mobile Market

Mobile application development is flourishing with the increasing sales of smart phones and tablets, so savvy businesses are ramping up engagement with mobile users. But many businesses are not prepared to invest in hiring internal mobile app developers since building these applications is highly specialized and costly work.

Scrum Methodology: 5 Tips to Guide You

Scrum methodology, a project management technique that’s ideal for software projects, divides a project into smaller working sections managed with a tightly knit team approach. For those who wonder whether or not they are practicing Scrum, certified scrum trainers, like Alan Cyment, have said: “If you are following all of the framework rules, you are.

Outsourcing software development: What are the benefits?

Outsourcing software development in a global market has many potential benefits. Outsourcing software development allows organizations to adopt technical partners with specialized expertise. This can enable an organization to focus on core functions without the need to maintain additional skill sets in-house, when they are only needed for certain timeframes or projects.

IP risks in offshore outsourcing: 3 tips for protecting your IP when collaborating offshore

IP protection service

Offshore collaboration means that your IP is passing through the hands of people you don’t know, through networks you don’t control. And because your IP can account for as much as 80% of your business value, an IP breach can be financially devastating to your business.