A Better Delivery Process for More Reliable Software: How to Speed Development with Continuous Integration

At Shinetech, we’re always on the lookout for better software delivery processes to ensure our clients’ success. At the top of our list, is continuous integration (CI) that has become an essential process in our software development toolkit.

IT Outsourcing Benefits

As outsourcing service models mature, vendors are striving to provide a partnership style of collaboration. This is based on the outsourcing teams being able to understand and value more fully the customer business overall aim and vision.

Current Trends in IT Outsourcing


Current trends for IT outsourcing are based, in part, on an increased growth of Cloud-based developments, along with the need to handle very large and unstructured data sets, known as Big Data Analytics. We explore these trends thoroughly through our work with clients at Shinetech and unpack their meaning below.

Cloud Computing

The Mobile Marketplace: Gaining popularity in IT outsourcing

mobile device

The ever increasing trend towards business applications for mobile devices has created more demand for mobile application development. This is a trend embraced by Shinetech. Jerry Zhang, Shinetech founder and CEO has stated: “Shinetech over the last year or more has built substantial teams in iOS, Android and Windows.