Assist vehicle leasing company with automated management system

The Client

inNovated Leasing Australia provides services that help people pay for their vehicle (finance and running expenses) in a cost efficient way.

The Situation

The client managed all the business data with a heavy reliance upon Microsoft Office based products. With the customer-base growing, the in-house management system development was inadequate in meeting the requirements of a growing business. The previous internal developers were limited in their capacity to provide an enterprise system requirement and had built a semi-manual system that required a lot of manual input from the users. The client needed the system be optimized to support more automatic management.

The Challenges

There were no technical documents and limited usable source code for the database handed over by the previous development team, so one of the main challenges was the large number of diverse fields/tables built upon the business logic that needed to be figured out. Another challenge was to reorganize and design the several databases for various customer, vehicle and business data, as it had grown significantly in recent years.

The Solution

Since the client had no IT background or outsourcing experience, we initially assigned an IT consultant who analyzed project requirements and established the way of collaboration. Frequent communication with the client and detailed investigation through the existing database and code allowed us to get familiar with the leasing business very quickly.

We built an offshore team consisting of 1 lead developer, 1 java developer and 2 php developers. The lead developer manages the team and clarifies the requirements, while developers are responsible for analysis, coding and testing.

The client broadly explained the requirement or idea, then our developers created a technical document or a visual demo and presented it to the client. After confirmation from the client, the team started to develop the requirement.

The development team deployed a testing sever to test new codes before committing, to ensure the quality of the code.

The Technologies

Java, hibernate, spring, jasperreport, ExtJS , Tomcat, Mysql, PHP


A highly improved the system with additional functionality built that allowed a broad range of functions including; invoice exporting, payment matching, budget management, fuel card importing and so on. We now work as the client’s IT team and take responsibility for all the development work and website design as needed.

What client says

Please see below the comment from Neil Campbell, the Managing Director of inNovated Leasing.

"We are now into our second year with the Shinetech team and the attention to detail as well as suggested enhancements that exceed requirements continue to impress. I am delighted with the professionalism and the high standard of work provided that has facilitated a transformation in our systems, and enhances our capacity to grow our service based business.

Good communication is essential to outcome focused IT development and in this the ShineJava developers excel. Confidence and peace of mind are the result."